Mechanical Engineering is Cleaning Up

To get our Mechanical Engineering students ready for work in industry, Central not only teaches our students the skills they need, but provides them with projects so they can apply their skills, as they would in the workforce.

Advanced Diploma of Mechanical Engineering students recently presented their final projects, where they designed and built an automatic window washing machine for high-rise buildings.


The class was split into two groups known as ‘Mechanical Engineering Project Clusters’ and worked under the supervision of engineering lecturers Constantinos Stylianou and Remy Jayasekere.

This final project is culmination of all the students’ learning through out the course and gave them the opportunity to creatively apply their knowledge to a significant project.

Mechanical Engineering Lecturer, Remy Jayasekere has been impressed by the quality of each group’s submission.

“The class created two machines that each work in different ways. What the students have built is really good”, Remy said.

On the 18 November, the students presented and demonstrated their creations to lecturers, managers and fellow students.


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