Alisha helps put smiles on children’s faces for one big day

Alisha Marshall, a retail baking student at North Metro TAFE, has been helping create treasured memories for some very special children.

Volunteering her services for the last 18 months, Alisha has been coordinating the WA section of Cake Angels, a network that donates custom designed celebration cakes to children with serious medical challenges such as terminal illness, intellectual or physical disability, or victims of domestic violence or living in underprivileged circumstances.

Cake Angels, Alisha, plus her fellow student, have been working with support groups including Ronald McDonald House, HeartKids and Starlight Foundation, to organise a sweets table for over 3000 kids at the Perth Special Children’s Christmas Party.

Justifiably, Alisha is very proud of what she has been able to achieve.

“All the students and lecturers time, plus all the ingredients and equipment, have been kindly donated,” Alisha said. “Special thanks go to Patrick Contreras from Allied Mills, Heath Earls of Pinnacle and Tony Mitchell from Bakels Australia for their support and effort to bring these kids an experience they will never forget.”

The Perth Special Children’s Christmas Party is held at the Perth Exhibition and Convention Centre on Saturday 19 November.

To see what an amazing day it will be, check out last year’s event at and go to

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