New Uni pathway with ECU

Central continues to develop new opportunities for students to progress through to university study.  For example, Central and Edith Cowan University (ECU) have just established an MOU which enables students to complete the first year of their Engineering degree at Central.

Students complete the foundation year at WA’s largest VET Institute before proceeding directly to year two of the Bachelor of Engineering at university.


L-R Peter Ebell, Central, Professor Ken Greenwood, ECU, Professor Arshad Omari, ECU,  Professor Daryoush Habibi, ECU, Neil Fernandes, Central.
L-R Dr Peter Ebell, Central, Professor Ken Greenwood, ECU, Professor Arshad Omari, ECU,
Professor Daryoush Habibi, ECU, Neil Fernandes, Central.


Sanaz wins ABC Scholarship

The 2014 ABC Women in Broadcast Technology Scholarship has been awarded to Central Engineering student Sanaz Irannejad.

WA State Director Mark Yates presented the scholarship at the ABC in East Perth together with acting WA Manager Technical Services Vince Caratozzolo.

Also present was Margaret Cassidy, Deputy Director of Technology at the ABC in Ultimo, NSW.

“These scholarships continue to add to the diversity of our workforce and that includes having a great agenda contribution in terms of diversity of thought and varying ways of approaching technical problem solving,” said Margaret.

“Since their inception in 1992, the scholarships have been the major driver in terms of increasing the representation of women in our Technical Services team.”

After finding out about the scholarship opportunity from her Central lecturer Ms Indu V, Sanaz agreed that winning the scholarship meant a chance to enhance her skills.

“It is a great opportunity and I want to prove I can do it,” she said.

Vince Caratozzolo, acknowledged that the technical support of broadcast systems and equipment has traditionally been a male dominated occupation and praised the scholarship’s history in helping to reduce this gender gap.

“The ABC Women in Broadcast Technology scholarships highlight broadcasting as an area of prospective employment for female engineering and technology students. It provides the opportunity for women to gain a broad range of technical knowledge and experience in the broadcast industry while working in a unique facility such as the ABC in Perth,” he said.

Sanaz has a Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering and is currently completing studies in a Diploma in Electronic and Communication Engineering at Central. She possesses hands-on skills in lighting and video equipment selection and commissioning as well as diagnosing faults in electronic and communications systems.

L-R Ray Harris (Portfolio Manager - Engineering), Sanaz, Indu V (Engineering Lecturer)
L-R Ray Harris (Portfolio Manager – Engineering), Sanaz, Indu V (Engineering Lecturer)

Each year the ABC provides up to eight scholarships, awarded to women undertaking a technology related discipline at a TAFE institution and committed to a career in broadcasting. The scholarship includes four weeks paid on the job training in technology areas of the ABC and a $1,000 book allowance.

Both female technicians currently employed in Technical Services at the Perth ABC commenced their careers with a WiBT scholarship and work experience.

Congratulations to Sanaz.


Engineering: It’s a girl thing

To encourage girls into the IT and Engineering industries, Central Institute of Technology joined forces with the WA Department of Education School Pathways Program, to organise a special, interactive two day event.

Fifteen girls, ranging from Year 10 to 12, were invited to participate to get a taste of what employment opportunities lay ahead.  The event included a site visit to BAE Systems Henderson Shipyard, talks with industry leaders and hands on learning experiences at Central Institute of Technology.

Following a tour of Central, the cohort of aspiring Engineers had the opportunity to try out a variety of disciplines to see what each involved. The students kicked off with Civil, Mechatronic, Electronics & Communications and Oil & Gas engineering activities at Central.


This included density testing for Oil & Gas, working with pneumatics for Mechatronics, designing a suburb for Civil, and circuit building for Electronics & Communications. Each activity was well received and gave the students a great overview of the broadness of the industry.

For aspiring IT and Networking professionals, the students had the opportunity to familiarise themselves with some key tools of the industry. They created small networks that communicate with each other and designed their own webpage too.

Oil & Gas2

The event speakers included leading women from the IT and Engineering industries including Water Corporation CEO, Sue Murphy, and Chevron Graduate Engineer, Alexandra Martin.  Moodle founder Martin Dougiamas also spoke to the group.

Each speaker provided the students with valuable insights concerning the need to attract more women to these industries and how these industries were critical to the ongoing development of the State.

The second day was dominated by the tour of BAE System’s Henderson Shipyard, which included an OHS induction and a tour of HMAS Warramunga.

The success of this inaugural event will see it cemented as an annual fixture, with plans to expand to include additional schools.




New National Qualifications for Engineering Students

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) might not sound particularly exciting, but it plays a crucial role in ensuring optimum and effective equipment operations across many industries.

NDT examines equipment materials and components for monitoring operations and maintenance without impacting their usefulness. It ensures cost effective operation, safety and reliability and has become a key part of all industrial equipment construction.

Central’s Engineering department has just become one of two Non Destructive Testing approved training organisations and qualifying bodies in WA.

It allows Central to train and examine NDT methods for use in industry and create a valuable revenue stream.

The Institute can now hold certification exams at the end of any NDT training, without the unnecessary delay of waiting for approvals from the national body. Previously, participants had to wait for nationally scheduled exams held by the Australian Institute of Non-Destructive Testing (AINDT).

As an approved training provider, Central is able to offer more comprehensive engineering training package and attract additional people to the world of NDT.

The first NDT exams were held on 14 March and are a significant milestone in Central‘s journey as a centre of excellence in engineering.

The new certification in NDT provides current and potential engineering students a greater array of qualifications and maximises the skills our graduates can bring to their engineering career.